Who is it? It’s EFFIE

F. E. Cornejo, Editor-in-chief

Who or what is EFFIE, you ask?

NO, not Effie like Jennifer Hudson in Dream Girls and NO, not like Effie from Hunger Games. This EFFIE was conceived way before those two big haired, upstaging, scene stealing, loud-mouthed characters ever came into consciousness. (Is is obvious that we’re completely jealous?)

If Tom Ford, Hugh Jackman, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Joni Mitchell, The White Stripes, Queen Latifah, Bette Davis and Jean Paul Gaultier all had a baby, it would be EFFIE Magazine.

Effie squaredThink of EFFIE as the disowned, tattooed, dirty martini drinking, half-sibling of Vanity Fair who is in a non-committal relationship with NPR and tried everything at least twice.

EFFIE covers News, Lifestyle and Philanthropy that highlight the sensibility of embraced paradox that it is rewriting the definitions of youth, glamour, success, parenthood, partying and community in Los Angeles.

We are in love with the growing population of people who individually embody clashing stereotypes and personalities; like the 55-year-old Century City lawyer who is covered in tattoos from his collar bone down to his wrists and everywhere in between or the Silver Lake housewife who plays online poker to supplement the family income while the baby is down for a nap or the wholesome gay couple in Eagle Rock with four kids who split their time between school bake sales and the local leather bar.

We have a passion for MILFS, DILFS, twinks, DINKS, Daddies and Mamas. However, to be completely forthcoming we are REALLY partial to the Daddies and the DILFS. As you will no doubt realize with our repeated references to Hugh Jackman and Jason Statham, but we are in love with the iconic beauty of Linda Carter and Jacqueline Bisset.

If a respectable person has ever said to you, “Have you no decency, have you no shame?” To which you responded, “Well, no, a dog ate it. Or was it a bear? I couldn’t really tell, patrons of the Faultline can be very confusing,” then we love you, too!

Through out the day our Pandora radio stations play a predictable blend of White Stripes, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Alicia Keyes, Wilco, Shakira, Depeche Mode, Diana Ross, Counting Crows, Adele and Sublime.

Beyoncé-Get me Bodied

Who is it? Beyoncé-Get me Bodied Video

On Fridays, we have YouTube concerts in the kitchen starring Ms. To the Left, Beyoncé, our favorite over-grown delinquents, LMFAO, and the monster madame herself, Lady Gaga. And yes, we all do the Naomi Campbell walk, the shuffle, but we only wish we could do the moves from Alejandro.

We hope you enjoy the wholesome naughtiness of EFFIE Magazine.

F. E. Cornejo, Editor-in-chief


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