HATCH Yakitori + Bar Private Media Parté

Partners Akarad Tachavatcharapa, Nara Latip & Exec. Chef Daniel Shemtob

invited foodies & aficionados to a Private Media Parté at

HATCH Yakitori + Bar

Guests enjoyed Japanese inspired cocktails and bites, including Hamachi, Avo Tuna Toast, Agedashi Tofu, Black Karaage Chicken, Chicken Meatball with Egg Yolk Stick Thigh and Green Onion Stick, Mushroom Party Stick, Pee Wee Potato Stick, Pork Belly Stick and Special Wagyu Beef A5 Nigiri by Executive Chef Daniel. The Mangorita is marvelously spicy!

For more information, visit www.hatchyakitori.com.


Photography by Effie Magazine staff.

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