Condoms & Cocktails: Impluse Group’s Why Not? Love

“We bring together our community to honor those we love and wish to protect with the celebration of INTERNATIONAL CONDOM DAY, and the worldwide premier of our video ‘OPEN.'”
Impulse Group

THE REASON Impulse Group hosted Why Not? Love, a celebration of International Condom Day at Eleven Night Club in West Hollywood, on Feb. 13.
THE REVELERS The sold out event resulted from a collaboration between Impulse Group, Eleven Nightclub and AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
THE RECAP Guests of the event enjoyed a hosted bar, DJ, LOVE gift bags and prizes. Guests got the first look at Impulse Group’s mini-movie “OPEN,” the anticipated next episode of the organization’s “Knowing” series. The video addresses the nuances of modern gay relationships and the use of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), the new daily medication for HIV-Negative people to reduce their risk of HIV infection.

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