Lights & Love: LGBT Hero Awards 2014

4th Annual LGBT Hero Awards

THE REASON Members of the Latino community and the LGBT community came together for an evening of pride, appreciation and spectacle at Circus Disco in Hollywood, on September 18th.
THE REVELERS/THE RECAP The audience enjoyed performances from Celebrity of the Year, pop singer Fey, Person of the Year, Broadway star, Bianca Marroquin, the group 5Sent12, Korina Lopez, Erika Vidrio, Wen Do Lee, Magaly “La Voz de Oro” and many more! The evening’s hosts Gaby Spanic and Horacio Villalobos each gave touching speeches about what the contributions of the LGBT community meant to them. Spanic even took selfie ala Ellen DeGeneres with the audience as her back ground. The 2014 LGBT Youth Hero Award was granted to Zoey Luna. Also in attendance were event co-founders Victoria Ruiz and Xavier Mejia along with many of the community’s legendary trans and drag divas.

“Our mission is to help provide an inclusive and well rounded representation of the LGBT community by honoring heroes who play influential roles that contribute to the well-being of the LGBT community.” For more information and a list of all the winners, visit

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Photography by the Effie Magazine Staff.

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