For The Love Of Cruel Summer Cures

The wave of sun-drenched festivities is in full force, and if you aren’t prepared your skin will be the first to fall victim to the summer cruelties. It should go without saying, but “use SPF!” That’s number one. All the moaning about stickiness, tears over stinging and vanity about looking chalky need to stop. There are so many great formulas on the market to address your individual concerns and keep your skin from burning up or aging prematurely. There’s no need for us to get into all of those here. Just slather it on and have a good time!

Two things to remember inflammation is the enemy, longevity is the goal. Thankfully, nature and science are more unified than ever to keep you healthy and touchable. Whether you need a preventative routine, a detoxifying cure or a magic wand, we’ve curated some summer skin savers that will help you survive the season with style.

  • AloeGel by SMD Cosmetics – This company is famous for their controversial Snail Serum Extract. However, on the less shocking and more soothing side, this gel is wonderful after a long day in the sun or as a light moisturizer in hotter climates.
  • Triple Plant Stem Cell Collection by Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland – There is no down side here. This skin care collection works for any skin type at any age. The products are light, luxurious and gentle. And, the space age packaging is perfect for travel.
  • Lasting Fragrance Primer by LINGER™ – Not only will this innovation help everyone keep smelling yummy all-day-long, but it may also help to prevent people from over applying their fragrance. You all know someone who over does it, perhaps gifting them a bottle would make co-habitation a little easier.
  • Black and White Truffle treatments by Truffoire – They aren’t just for dinner anymore. Thanks to science, the highly sought after turffle can now treat your skin as well as your palate. This line of products is perhaps the height of decadence, and their syringe could quite possibly rival the results of your doctor’s syringe, not to mention the pain.

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