1. What is Effie?

The “love child” of Tom Ford, Hugh Jackman, Salma Hayek, Don Draper & Mrs. Brady OR just the disowned trainwreck half-sibling of Vanity Fair & might be in a fabricated relationship with NPR OR just a beautiful obsession with Philanthropy, Food & Fashion!

2. Who Loves Effie?

Obviously not Vanity Fair or NPR, based on the answer to question #1!

As an online publication, not only does Effie Magazine publish, post and e-blast at a significantly higher frequency than printed publications, but our geographic territory is all of Los Angeles County (and a bit beyond), not just one community or neighborhood. And so, diverse and progressive people, who believe in a life of opulence AND purpose, make up our audience.

3. How Can Effie’s Audience Be Yours?

Based on the answers from questions #1 & #2, Effie Magazine is committed to the People, Parties & Passion that excite our audience. We curate dynamic content for those who are energetic, philanthropic, tech forward, fashion conscious, millennial-minded & fun to get our advertisers the attention they desire.

Our advertisers enjoy growth of their client base, social media presence and sphere of influence.You, too, can engage our audience through a variety of ad options, event sponsorships & partnerships.

View Effie Magazine’s S/S 2016 Marketing Collection, by clicking here or scrolling down. Fill out and submit the contact form, below, a member of our team will respond to assist you with your  advertising…

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