A bubbly & frenzied weekend of food & fun: LAFW 2016

Foodies, oenophiles and cocktail hounds from as far as Northern California, Arizona and beyond descended upon the city for the Sixth Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival, which began on August 25th. Carrying on through the 28th, the ever enticing event mixed classic staples and new fixtures of the culinary world.

The main festival in DTLA was set up on Grand Avenue just outside the Disney Concert Hall, while smaller satellite events were sprinkled throughout the weekend and the city. In some cases, tickets to the private dining events were sold out long before the festival began. The luncheons at Hinoki & The Bird with Brandon Kida & Kevin Meehan, Paley Hollywood with Greg Bernhardt & Hugh Acheson and Dine with the Ladies featuring Lexus Culinary Master Stephanie Izard and Chef Antonia Lofaso were among the most coveted because of the chefs and venues, but especially because of the wines being poured.

The blend of beverage barons, culinary masters, palate professionals, wine wizards and the people who love them made for a bubbly and frenzied weekend of food and fun!

Effie Magazine’s LAFW 2016 Foodie Fascinations

  • Drago Centro Los Angeles: Garganelli by Chef Ian Gresik
  • Hinoki & The Bird Luncheon: Black Garlic Barley Risotto by Chefs Brandon Kida & Kevin Meehan
  • Hinoki & The Bird Luncheon: Senbei Whipped Lardo & Caviar by Chefs Brandon Kida & Kevin Meehan
  • Hudson Valley Foie Gras: Duck Confit with Mole Negro by Michael Ginor
  • Officine BRERA: Housemade Pisarei e Faso by Chef Angelo Auriana
  • Jon & Vinny’s chocolate chip cookies with Sweet Lucie’s Vanilla Ice Cream
  • The Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire: all the desserts by Chef Chris Ford

Effie Magazine’s LAFW 2016 Libation Loves

  • Brooks Note, California Pinot Noir
  • Champagne Henriot Brut Souverain
  • Louis Roederer Estate Brut
  • Nellcôte Wines, Rallye 76 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Hendrick’s Gin cucumber & Lemon punch.
  • Talisman, California Pinot Noir

For more information on the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival visit www.lafw.com.

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