Bond Of The Apocalypse: Givenchy’s NYFW S/S 2016 Fashion Show Film, Givenchy, Joan Smalls, NYFW

Holy Fashion Friday! This Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Show film is a must watch! Presented within a shipping yard/pier setting the show is all at once dark 70s industrial city chic with a Mid-East flare.

The monochromatic collection by designer Riccardo Tisci combines classic and nostalgic 70s femininity with a masculine anchors in the form of smoking jackets, slacks and dark colors. The result is extravagance and elegance toughened up with confidence and fire. Don’t miss model Joan Smalls in the black ball gown at 5:20! The combination of the stoic bodice flowing into the black fur cloud is beyond beautiful! It has Bond Girl of the Apocalypse written all over it. The masks were disturbing, but made perfect sense within the show.

Even the guys in the show are juicier and more muscular than most male runway models to exude a strength that matches that of the ladies. And, by the way, the black/white hightop wing tips on the guys are going to kick off the new movement for men’s footwear fashion.

The show is a cleverly and meticulously orchestrated event featuring Mid-East and classic music throughout with an operatic Ave Maria during the finale to close the show. Simply Stunning!, Givenchy, Joan Smalls, NYFW

Bond Girl of the Apocalypse

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