Celebrity Event Designer Rrivre Davies Believes Imagination + Love = Magic

Designer and innovator Rrivre Davies invited culture and style editors to a reception “to see, touch, and feel the actual experience” and magic that he conjured for the weddings of celebrities like Kaley Cuoco, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Nick Lachey and Mariah Carey. He even created Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday celebration.

During the private media event, Davies dazzled his guests by deconstructing the production elements of his high-profile events, and equally enchanted with his imagination.

Armed with champagne, the writers and photographers ventured through the fantasy world that is the Rrivre Works showroom, which houses dozens of large-scale preset party scenarios and Davies’ design innovations; from Chinese New Year, Moroccan and Tuscan to Goldfinger Glam, the “LOVE” table and a massive Eiffel Tower replica. This showroom is just a small part of the whole warehouse that holds the multitude of Davies’ inventory and houses several workshops for upholstery, embroidery, woodwork, etc. Davies is also known for dining and coffee tables that hold water for fresh flowers, floating candles, Koi fish or all of the above.

Davies’ friend and colleague, Pauline Parry was on hand to charm the guests with her stories and her culinary creations. She is the head chef and owner of Good Gracious Events. For the reception, she created inspired food and beverage pairings, like the brilliant Deconstructed Sushi with Sake Martini, the Tomato Therapy Bar with gazpacho, caprese and crostini (each made in three versions from red, yellow and purple tomatoes) and the Dessert Wagon with fruit focused pairings of cookies, jelly beans and smoothies. FYI, Verdolagas are the new Kale.

The inventory and imagination behind Rrivre Works events may be heavenly and over-the-top, but Davies is decidedly down to earth. This past Spring, Davies donated his time, talents and Eiffel Tower to Pacific Pride Foundation’s 3rd Annual Royal Ball, and event benefiting the LGBT community in the Santa Barbara area.

Davies wants everyone to know that it isn’t necessary to be a celebrity or socialite to have a little bit of Rrivre Works magic, because it’s all about love:

One of my most memorable and stressful events last year, was a duple who rented one Metro Bar for their wedding. They fell in love with our bar after searching lots of companies.They booked and paid for it a YEAR in advance. All year I was obsessed with making sure that one bar, booked so far in advance did not slip through the cracks. My team started laughing at me I asked so often about the bar.  In the end, the couple was thrilled, and I received a beautiful card. They told me it was the centerpiece of their reception, and that we were the only company willing to rent them just one single item. They expressed how important we made their event feel through the entire process, when all other companies would not even work with them. Yes we do huge celebrity weddings, but weddings like this are just as important to me, and just as fulfilling.  When you get right down to it, its about the couples love and their guests. Anything we can do to make that experience magical, big or small; that’s what drives us! — Rrivre Davies.

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