Angelyne’s Abstract Appearance At The Ace

Among the prolific and obscure graphite glyphs strewn about the walls of DTLA’s Ace Hotel lobby is an homage to a self-created and self-identified legend of billboard proportions: Angelyne.

Her mysterious and perplexing persona comes in and out of the angeleno consciousness with random sightings of her pink Corvette on Sunset or Hollywood boulevards or recollections of her massive billboard “promotions.” The article published by The Hollywood Reporter in early August sought to shed some light on the real woman behind the billboards and bosom, but instead just surged the confusion and fascination with the pink mystique of tinsel town.

And, here’s this little abstract gem of Angelyne floating in the Ace’s lobby just outside the elevator and just off L.A. Chapter Brasserie.

You Never Know What You Will Catch Sight Of, If You Only Look Up…

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