Plein Air & More: 105th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition

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“Our artists are very diverse, from where they’ve grown up and where they live, thoughts, backgrounds… It’s a very educational group, but at the same time it really is about making art.” — Elaine Adams

  Art lovers and connoisseurs gathered for California Art Club’s 105th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition to pay tribute to the artists who inspired the California Impressionist Movement and those who employ emerging styles, on April 2nd at The Autry Museum of the American West.
THE REVELERS  Notable guests/artists in attendance included Alexey Steele, Michael Pearce, Elaine Adams, Peter Adams, Mian Situ, Christopher Slatoff, Candice Chovanec, Thomas Blackshear, Beverly Chang and many more.
THE RECAP  Guests enjoy a variety of wines while they investigated the pieces on display. Many of the artists were on hand to meet their admirers and discuss the pieces one on one. This year’s Gold Medal Exhibition deviated from past incarnations to include over 200 sculptures and paintings showing more figurative and inner-city themes, as well as images of daily life from around the globe, in addition to California Art Club’s signature “plein air” landscapes.

“Now what you’re seeing is these are artists who are doing — I think of it as poetry. It’s about their lives. What’s around them? What is their lifestyle?” said California Art Club Board Member Elaine Adams. She added, that no matter what profession or passion one has, “You have to be able to use your artistic awareness in order to be able to create more incredible things.”

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