Sav Noir @ LAFW 2016

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Los Angeles Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 presented by O’Gara Coach

Sav Noir

The Lazarus Experience

March 19, 2016 — Jimi Hendrix has risen! And, metallic leathers are back! Kicking off the Saturday shows, Sav Noir held a brunch party in DTLA to unveil its 60s Rock inspired collection.

The morning show’s guests were treated to a full brunch bar, complete with spiked coffee and cider mimosas. A platform staged with instruments made for an appropriate “rock band” backdrop for the designs. Models in slender cut trousers topped with fantastic metallic “leather” or animal print jackets were accessorized with over-sized glasses and/or hair. If only the models had actually been able to play the instruments they were using as props. It would have been brilliant if real musicians had modeled the designs and performed music from the era that inspired the collection.

Sav Noir – a brand, image and attitude – was inspired by untamed life that manifests well after the sun has set. The community of the brand has evolved into a culmination of various age groups, genders, and personalities, which confidently represent the alternative world. The dark and chic aesthetic is geared toward matured and rebellious souls.  •  •  •

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