The Amazing Grace Jones Shocked & Suprised

At 67 years old, Grace Jones is still one of the most notorious and fascinating performers, let alone Bond Girl or super model, ever. She performed for just one night at the Hollywood Bowl, on September 27th.

For her opening number, she descended to the stage wearing a costume that resembled a voodoo priestess meets Dia de los Muertos doll. The ensemble consisted of little more than a golden skull mask with a long black head scarf and a breast-plate corset with breast section cut out. That’s it, unless of course one counts the black and white body paint as an article of clothing… At one point she did say, “Sorry mom, but I told you I was going to be naked.”

There were several special appearances the night of Grace’s show; the band Future Islands opened for her, Pentecostal Bishop Noel Jones (Grace’s brother) came up to the stage for a song, the “pope” caused quite the buzz as he drove his Hoveround through the crowds, a nearly naked acrobat covered in matching body paint received a good flogging from Grace, and then there was that phallus attached to her costume… And of course, not one to break a tradition of her own making, Grace brought out her famous hula-hoop and flung it around her body like a little kid during “Slave To The Rhythm.”

During “Pull Up To The Bumper” she asked for audience participation, but when the voices weren’t loud enough she yelled, “The lord can’t F****** hear you!” Grace came out on the runway between audience sections for a fan focused rendition of “La Vie En Rose,” she never really got through the song, but did collect flowers and wine from the audience (watch the video, above). And, her performance of “Strange” was perfection!

However, it was her rendition of “Amazing Grace” that shocked and surprised everyone more than any of the other daring displays. She sang the song beautifully, beginning rather hauntingly and sad, but finishing proud and joyful with a ton of vindication. There was an overwhelming feeling that the song was directed at her deceased father, who is believed to have disassociated himself from her so as not to hinder his ambitions of becoming a bishop in his church.

It goes without saying that there is no one else like Grace Jones. Throughout the night she was all at once extreme, audacious, inappropriate, vulnerable, angry, silly, amazing and happy. Not only was she holding court in the Palace of Strange, but she was preaching to the worshipers at the Temple of Grace Jones and making them slaves to her rhythm.

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