Toit Volant @ LAFW 2016

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Los Angeles Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 presented by O’Gara Coach

Toit Volant

Columbia Square Hollywood

March 19, 2016 — Modern ease is mandatory, and detailed simplicity an artistic devotion! The Friday night show of Toit Volant displayed a poised passion for fashion. And, a love of shoes!

Veering away from the traditional runway show, the models walked out with stark faces and minimalist hair to their designated micro-pedestals where they stood for inspection like sculptures in a gallery. After a few respectful moments, spectators suddenly descended on the runway like tourists to snap photos of the “statues” and the shoes.  Some designs totally ignored the feminine form in favor of comfort, while others seemed to be channeling a futuristic version of the 1940s. Architectural discipline paired classic elements made for a spectacular shoe collection!

Toit Volant is meant to be versatile, classic yet progressive, dynamic, playful and adaptable. The brand aims to bring style and edge to real women with designs that easily move between the context of day to night, office to leisure. Alnea Farahbella, the designer of Toit Volant, is said to be a woman in love with fashion, and committed to high quality, sustainable manufacturing, fair labor and social responsibility.  •  •  •

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