#7: No Socks, Butt Cute Italia

Viaggio Di Vanessa #7

I just don’t have much to say other than, wow! Italian men’s fashion is still shocking me! Italian men don’t wear socks! I hate socks too, but my feet have been killing me on this trip with all the walking, so I have to wear socks. And, the fit of their pants, whew!!! I’m about to have some palpitations. ELIZABETH!!! “This is The Big One, Elizabeth!”

And, these beautiful boys have some pasty colored feet! Thankfully, my feet are genetically predisposed to be bronzed at all times. But really, I should have brought some self tanner over with me to help these poor boys out.

So, in honor of men’s fashion week here in Florence I have curated a collection of photos featuring “no sock wearing hot men.” Oh, and also I took pictures of cute butts, too! Some with socks, some without. Really though, if they have a cute butt, who cares what’s on their feet!

Here I go again, rescuing gorgeous guys from their obsessions with wearing clothes… The work of an international humanitarian beauty ambassador is just never done! “Officer! I need resuscitation!”

Enjoy! Lots of cute butts!  Sexy police men! Ciao, from “No Sock, Butt Cute” Italia!

Click on images for a closer look.

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