Viva La Fiesta de Food & Drink: Cinco de Mayo 2016

 Skip The Siesta & Join The Fiesta!

Sip & Savor this Cinco de Mayo with Cervezas, Cocktails and Comidas that get down with the Mexican gods and pick up the heat of the people. From a vegan fiesta and empanadas made with dehydrated buckwheat/flax seed crust to fried avocado tostadas, a Maximilian Affair or the Oaxacan Flower, the party is in full bloom! Here’s a guide of must haves at some of the liveliest and tastiest Cinco de Mayo spots in all of Los Angeles.

For more information on the holiday offerings or schedules at  118 DEGREES, BRUXIE, RASCAL, SOL COCINA, SPARE TIRE KITCHEN & TAVERN or THE RAYMOND 1886, click on the images below…

Que Viva La Fiesta de Food & Drink!

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