Life… Sweet As Candy!

F. E. Cornejo, Editor-in-chief

At the end of July, Effie Magazine was a media sponsor at the 19th Annual Los Feliz Village Street Fair. So, we thought it was as good a time as any to kick off our August theme inspired by Louis Vuitton’s ice cream parlor ad campaign for the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection and the Katy Perry “California Gurls” video. Our booth was caked over with Candyland inspired fabrics, furs, pin wheels and of course crystal jars filled with candy. Sadly, Katy Perry and Snoop were unavailable and we sported reusable shopping bags instead of Louis bags.

Why candy coat everything? Well, in August, summer burns to a close; the white hot excitement we felt in June has crisped over to a bronzed depression. Think of it like the weekend; you party Friday and/or Saturday then spend Sunday recovering and dreading the hellish week a head. I don’t know about you, but I hated school because of mean teachers and bullies, so I hated Sundays. It wasn’t until I met my partner and his train wreck friends about eight years ago that I realized Sunday really could be a fun day. This was long before the phrase “Sunday Funday” was plastered on Facebook and twink sized t-shirts.

The Sweet Life

August is the Sunday of summer. People normally comeback from vacation, needing a vacation or they’ve stayed in town and made the rounds. But all they have left to carry themselves beyond Labor Day are blurry pictures, sunburns, preciously sad souvenirs and empty bank accounts. Just like that, it all ends. No more pool parties or barbecuing. Just the same ole grind of overwrought schedules, traffic and warm weather rendered useless/obscene by fall fashions from the east coast.

So, we decided that August is Effie Magazine’s celebration of all the pretty and yummy things and happy little thoughts that make life as sweet as candy. Every day, month and season can be as sweet and bright as summer vacation or Saturday night just by adding some “sweets” here and there.

In our article, “Sweets For Your Suite,” you’ll discover the charming ways that businesses are motivating staff, comforting clients and showing their gratitude by enlisting a little creativity and appealing to a person’s inner child with sweets.

Ruffled Snow Sweetness

This month we’ll also re-introduce you to some classics of the mid-century American cocktail cart. Here in the new century, these cocktail classics have been kicked up by hot heels and salted down by hairy chests. So, look out for “Dirty, Dirtier, Filthy.”

Also, later this month, our profile “JPL: Jack Parsons’ Losses” will delve into the pre-history of a Hollywood institution whose founder is rumored to have stolen the “candy” of the infamous Pasadena scientist. Yes, “the one who blew himself up.”

Appealing to our inner child with literal or metaphorical treats might make us more motivated to do the things we normally avoid or dread; we might even like them. It works for pediatricians and grandmothers…

Toward the end of the film “Memoirs of a Geisha,” the American Colonel says to the main character, Sayuri, “Here you make everything a ritual don’t you?” And she replies, “That is the art of turning habit into pleasure Colonel.”

Will you to turn your ruts and habits into rituals, so that all your days will be as sweet as candy?

If all else fails jump out of bed every morning, pull up Mika’s “Lollipop” on YouTube and dance all over the house. It works. We promise! Auditory candy has the same effect as edible and material candy, but with less damage to your abs or credit cards.

F. E. Cornejo

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