AHF’s Impulse Group recruits advocates to promote condom use

Impulse Group-Pulse of the City Party

AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s (AHF) Impulse Group held a private event called “Pulse of the City” at the Rockstar Mansion in the West Hollywood Hills above Sunset Plaza, on March 29.

Impulse Group is a member-only organization, affiliated with AHF that is “dedicated to the advancement of safe sex awareness and practice among gay men.”

The setting was similar to many lgbt benefits; complete with a stunning estate, views of the city, beautiful wait-staff and open bars, but in reality the event was a call to arms.

In lieu of auctions and donation requests, guests were encouraged to become leaders in the lgbt community as Impulse Advocates and “promote and advocate healthy sexual lifestyles in our community.”

Guests had been selected and invited because of their commitment to outreach, philanthropy and activism within the lgbt community. They were asked to become Impulse Advocates by signing a pledge that they would promote safe sex, HIV/AIDS awareness, condom use and overall health within the community.

Speakers and organizers reaffirmed the need for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention as well as touching on the history of the disease and the sadness of its escalation.

Impulse Group Organizer Kyle Marchand said, “We just want to get you guys who are active in your community to reach out to the people you influence.”

Most recently, the group has built on the success of last year’s Soaked pool parties by hosting Splash Bash in the parking lot behind Eleven. Splash Bash is similar to the very successful Summer Tramp (a parking lot party with bounce houses, erected pools, slides and lots of AstroTurf spearheaded by promoter Mario Diaz). Attendees are encouraged to have a great time, get tested for HIV onsite and above all “use condoms.”


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