Breaking Walls Today To Secure A Peaceful Tomorrow

At this moment, the non-profit breaking walls prepares for its 4th Annual one night only Halloween performance of  WOMEN SPEAK/WORLD LISTEN, which premieres on Halloween night in New York City. This year’s production embodies the collaboration of young writers from all over the globe and is part of the Estrogenius Festival, one of New York City’s largest women arts festivals and annual celebration of female voices.

The multi-media production of WOMEN SPEAK/WORLD LISTEN explores the lives of 13 young women coming-of-age in the midst of chaos and conflict. Written by young artists in New York City; Berlin, Germany; Bethlehem, Palestine; and Cape Town, South Africa, the play showcases the strength and beauty of the female spirit. The play is directed by Chivonne Michelle, and performed by emerging New York actors.  Broadway actor, writer, and producer Nick Walker, mentored the artists on their pieces.

Fran Tarr founded breaking walls in 2011. Her mission is to help young people find their “voice” through nine-day writing and performance art workshops around the world. Participants learn to utilize their talents to provoke social justice, and inspire growth within themselves and their communities. The organization has gained great respect within both the theater and social justice communities, and was recognized for its peace efforts by the Global Movement for the Culture of Peace and Global Walk.

breaking walls empowers me as an artist, a leader and most importantly as a young woman,” said Neha Dutt, an artist from Berlin. “I overcame my fears of sharing my innermost thoughts; the gasps, laughter, or applause of a live audience when a certain phrase strikes a chord is an unforgettable experience.”

breaking walls makes many contributions to the arts and philanthropy through an international creative writing and performance initiative. It empowers youth to discover their voice and offer them a platform on which to use it. breaking walls relies on partners, sponsors, mentors, volunteers and friends to engage, empower and support young people as they become creative artists and empathetic leaders of tomorrow who actively advance personal transformation and social change on the global stage and within their home communities. The organization hopes to “change the world, one line at a time.”

Proceeds from ticket purchases fund the organization’s international non-profit creative writing and performance initiative that will take place in Barcelona in 2015. For more information on breaking walls, please visit For tickets, visit

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