Christian leader addresses Supreme Court Justices in support of same-sex marriage during Holy Week

A Los Angeles Christian minster addressed the U. S. Supreme Court Justices and made clear his support for same-sex marriage and LGBT equality, on March 25, just one day after the start of Holy Week. The high court heard oral arguments from both sides of the Proposition 8 case the following day, on March 26.

“Like so many Americans, I am watching the deliberations of the Supreme Court with great interest,” said Senior Minister of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles (FCCLA), R. Scott Colglazier. “As a clergy person, I think we are on the verge of a significant breakthrough regarding marriage equality. I want to urge the Justices to consider that now is the time to strike down all discrimination that prohibits marriage equality.”

While a variety of Christian churches are tolerant or accepting of LGBT parishioners  very few actually support marriage equality for LGBT people in secular or religious law. FCCLA has a history of dedication to progressive views on social justice and acceptance. The Protestant congregation headed by Colglazier along with his staff, stands ready to welcome and unite same-sex couples in matrimony as soon as the law allows.

“History is once again knocking on the doors of the Supreme Court,” Colglazier said. “To all the esteemed Justices I say: The time is now. The time has come. And the moral affirmation of equality is right for all Americans. Marriage equality will do nothing but strengthen the fabric of society, as well as providing the protections and privileges married couples have enjoyed throughout our years as a nation.”

Colglazier reaffirmed his excitement for the day that same-sex marriage is legalized, as his church will be one of the first to offer ceremonies for same-sex couples looking to tie the knot. “As a person of faith, I affirm that all people, gay and straight, are children of God, and therefore deserve respect, compassion and equal rights under the law,” he said. “I am grateful that my church, First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, is poised and ready to celebrate the sacrament of marriage with same-sex couples.”

FCCLA’s wedding department has already taken steps in anticipation that Proposition 8 will be overturned; their Wedding Manager has taken a certification course in same-sex wedding planning, which explores ways to be sensitive to and inclusive of same-sex couples.

“Men and women in the gay community have waited long enough,” Colglazier said. “They want the privileges of marriage.”

In addition, FCCLA is the new home of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, who often performs concerts in and out of Sunday Services.

Senior Minister Colglazier will speak live in this afternoon’s discussion with the Los Angeles Times on the “Same-Sex Marriage and the Supreme Court” webcast at 2:30 PST.


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