Jack Mackenroth Shares Chest & Bares Bum For $50K

Jack Mackenroth with Martone Red Bike

Pull out you checkbooks and platinum cards, kids, because you’re going to want to see this!

Just for you, former Project Runway designer turned HIV activist, Jack Mackenroth will share his chest and bare his ass in selfies and videos to raise $50,000 for charity, he announced on July 30. Well, he won’t do it just for you, he’s going to do it for anyone who contributes to his fundraising campaign for the BRAKING AIDS Ride.

Known on social media for his exposing photos and biting humor, sprinkled with a dash of activism, Mackenroth has five Facebook accounts with 250,000 followers, 107,000 Twitter followers and 17,000 Instagram followers. He hopes to mobilize and monetize his massive social media following by incentivizing them with super sexy selfies and heartfelt videos that allow consumers to make a real difference for HIV and the greater good.

“Having been diagnosed as HIV-positive 25 years ago, this is a cause that is obviously a very personal one and although I have worked with and lent my face to countless HIV charities, organizations and campaigns, I have never directly asked for donations,” said Jack Mackenroth. “I am setting the bar very high here to see what’s possible. I’m hopeful that others out there are as passionate as I am and are willing to support me.”

By donating $250 or more to the cause, donors receive a topless selfie of Mackenroth, personalized with their name or social media handle on his chest. Those who make a sizable donation of a $1,000 or more, receive a personalized bare ass selfie of Mackenroth. So far, he’s had two takers for the latter.

The overall strategy appears to be working, he’s raised over $9,000 in the past two weeks. Martone Cycling Co.  has donated two bikes to the Mackenroth’s team, The Mack Pack, and SCRUFF supplied the team with jerseys.

BRAKING AIDS Ride will kick off in Boston on Friday, September 12th and finish in New York City on Sunday, September 14th. The 285 mile bike ride from Boston to New York City benefits Housing Works, whose mission is to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy and the provision of lifesaving services.

“Housing Works is honored that Jack is devoting his time, energy and social media prowess to raise awareness and funds for our fight to end AIDS and homelessness,” said Charles King, Housing Works CEO. “The money Jack raises will directly fund the lifesaving services we provide to nearly 4,000 individuals living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. We’re looking forward to riding with him in September.”

You can help Mackenroth make a difference in the lives of people struggling with HIV and homelessness by donating at bit.ly/jackmack and you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram @jackmackenroth.

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