Oscar Opulence: DPA Pre-Oscar Gifting 2019

The pre-Oscar event hosted by DPA Group and held in the Brentwood Suites of the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, welcomed nominees and industry professioanls to get a firsthand lesson in what’s new in the world of opulence; from foodie and fashion fascinations to luxury accesories and philanthropy, on February 22nd and 23rd, just days before the broadcast of the 91st Academy Awards.

The brands of opulence for 2019 included; Truth In Hand Readings, De Marquet Swiss Accessories, Lisa Young Lee Healing Gemstones, Chìmere Zen Jewels, Jacqueline Piotaz Swiss Skincare, Geek Eyewear, Château de Berne Inspiration , Creamy Creations Cakes In A Jar, Topo Chico Sparkling Waters, Winkle Brown Sugar Tea Concotions, Sunny Blue Omusubi, Chipz Happen and Buttery Popcorn Co. among many more… Entertainment pros made off with some amazing gifts, but the presentations that made the biggest splash this year were the Golden Dragon & Diamond Encrusted Cuff by Chìmere, the refreshing Rosé from Château de Berne Inspiration, the Omusubi from Sunny Blue and the words of wisdom dished out by Truth In Hand’s Lisa Greenfield!

These ultra chic world brands shared the spotlight with Stepping Forward LA. The featured nonprofit of 2019 held court with celebrities and industry insiders to promote awareness/empowerment for foster youth aging out of the system:

The ultimate goal of the program is to help young adults aging out of the foster care system to find a community where they have a sense of belonging, can find their voice and interests and acquire and utilize personal life skills and social skills necessary for a successful transition to adulthood.  And most of all to know that they are not alone on this journey.

A sampling of the opulence offered…

Written by Nicholas Andreas. Photos by Effie Magazine staff.

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