What’s Your Poison On Dior’s Day?

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“…Fashion Comes From A Dream…”
– Christian Dior

Decisions… Decisions… What to wear on Dior’s birthday?

Christian Dior would have been 111 years old today. He was born on January 21, 1905. His design career began in 1935. The House of Dior launched in 1947, but sadly, Dior would only design under his own name for a mere decade due to his sudden death in 1957.

It’s been 69 years since Christian Dior began a renaissance of French fashion when he unveiled his first collection, known as “Corolle,” (meaning “figure 8”). To post-World War II society Dior’s designs were a revelation, or as Harper’s Bazaar famously put it, they were “The New Look.”

“The fashion fantasy Dior propagated was an old one, but one that was especially welcome in a war-weary world… Dior promoted a conception of fashion as a consummate and ultimate art, equivalent to other products of French civilization before and after World War II.”
Richard Martin & Harold Koda. Christian Dior. 1996.

From couture gowns and elegant accessories to opulent housewares and forbidden fragrances; Dior embeds a flash of flare into classic staples. And for men, Dior forces as much as it reflects the evolution of a modern man. In honor of the designer’s special day, here’s a little collection of new and vintage accessories curated with a masculine edge. And, don’t miss the teaser for the latest addition to Dior’s fragrance empire.

However brief his career was, Dior’s influence in the art and cult of fashion lives on like a dream. So, choose your Poison wisely…

Happy Birthday Dior!

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Photography by Nicholas Andreas.

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