AIDS Research Alliance’s World AIDS Day Concert

“Disease will always be with us, like disasters. We will never be free of disease. It’s part of life. But, it’s how we respond to illness and disaster that defines us as human beings and as a society.”
AIDS Research Alliance CEO,
Carolyn Carlburg

THE REASON In observance of World AIDS Day 2013, AIDS Research Alliance (ARA) presented its 2nd Annual World AIDS Day Concert at the Colburn School in Downtown Los Angeles, on Nov. 30.
THE REVELERS Master of Ceremonies, LeVar Burton, Dr. Michael Gottlieb, ARA’s CEO, Carolyn Carlburg and Board Chairman, Dr. David Hardy, Martha Williamson, Dr. Budddy Green and Cary Stevens along with the 2013 honorees; mothers2mothers c0-founder, Robin Smalley, and Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart (via video).
THE RECAP The presentation began with an address from Burton, followed by anecdotes from several speakers on their personal journeys and histories in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Presenting event sponsor, presented ARA with a donation of more than $20,000. A video of Burton presenting McKellen and Stewart with their ARA honors and a video showing the story of a woman that benefited from the work  of mothers2mothers, were shown during the event. Williamson sang a song in honor of her friend, honoree Robing Smalley. Students from The Colburn School played selections from Rachmaninoff’s “All Night Vigil,”  on Marimbas, as well as Astor Piazzolla’s “Cafe 1930” and “Nightclub,” on Marimba, Cello and Flute.

“AIDS Research Alliance helped to make HIV/AIDS treatable, but 8,000 people die every day of AIDS, while millions more may lose a third of their expected life span. We’re dedicated to finding a cure.”

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