Big Smiles & Big Hopes: Big Night Out 2017

We believe the answer to eliminating HIV transmission and stigma is a matter of the Tribe Heart; which clearly identifies the 4 statuses of HIV. We apply today’s science to the 30-year legacy of HIV and stand for hope not fear, acceptance not division, and honesty not secrecy.
– Thrive Tribe Foundation


REASON    Hundreds of guests and supporters gathered for the 19th Annual Big Night Out presented by The Thrive Tribe Foundation. The Premiere Gala Reception was held at the ultimate Beverly Hills landmark, Greystone Mansion, on August 12, 2017.

REVELERS    Celebrated performers Rita Moreno and Ann Walker, renowned hair stylist José Eber, guests Maia Giordani, Tina Forrestel, Linda Whitney, Rich Haluschak, Carla Buiges, Rebecca Haussling, Ann Moore, Tarik Yetken and Griffin White.

RECAP    Guests were welcomed to the grand Beverly Hills estate for the event’s kick-off reception by Maseratis and magicians. Guests enjoyed cocktails, auctions and lush vistas before proceeding to various themed dinner parties held throughout the city for the rest of the evening. Auction items included glamorous getaways, original works of art, antiques and experiences.

This Premier Gala Reception is designed to showcase entertainment, LA lifestyles, fine dining and architectural design, while dinner parties are hosted at a unique array of architecturally significant homes, famous sites and by prominent members of the community. The most sought after tickets were for the “An Evening with Designer Trina Turk”- A Caftan Themed Party and the “Mediterranean Delight Dinner” with Rita Moreno and Ann Walker.”

Created nearly two decades ago, Big Night Out became one of the most prominent philanthropic events in the San Gabriel Valley. The Thrive Tribe Foundation has chosen to continue the legacy originated by AIDS Service Center in Pasadena. Big Night Out will continue to explore the beauty and uniqueness of all of Los Angeles and Southern California, while benefitting the efforts of the Thrive Tribe Foundation and its affiliates. The foundation reportedly raised over $70,000 at this year’s festivities from the auctions and ticket sales.

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