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Our March Spotlight profile “Monsieur Butterfly: Jack Mackenroth embraces transformation and new purpose,” really resonated with many of our readers and Jack’s fans. The photos that we published with the profile have most likely been downloaded, pinned and re-posted in record numbers; after all, he is totally stunning! But more than that he is a total sweetheart and we all had a great time getting to know him.

Jack was very forthcoming with his answers to our questions, but because there was so much to cover, we just couldn’t include every insight, statement and revelation from our conversations with him in the article. However, we really feel like Jack’s fans deserve as much as he was willing to give of himself. He inspires many people with his story, and we hope his activism helps many more.

So, here is MORE from “Monsieur Butterfly: Jack Mackenroth,” Q&A and a look behind the scenes from our photo shoot. Enjoy!

F. E. Cornejo
Editor in Chief

Click here, for a look behind the scenes at our photo shoot with Monsieur Butterfly.

MORE Q & A with Jack Mackenroth:

EFFIE Magazine: Who are the activists or public figures that motivate you?
Jack Mackenroth: Peter Staley is one of the founding members of ACT UP and is prominently featured in the Academy Award nominated documentary “How to Survive a Plague” is my hero. I am alive because of him. He is a god to me.

EM: What do you think about the advances that came out in 2012? At home HIV test, HIV prevention pill?
JM: I think ANYTHING that gets more people tested is a good thing. Is it ideal to do it at home? Probably not. But I’ve known people that are just as scared to go to a doctor or clinic. So whatever gets it done is a good thing. Regarding the HIV prevention pill. I do think it is another great tool in our arsenal for stopping HIV transmission. It’s not for everyone but I do think it’s useful.

EM: What should we know about your new website
JM: It’s been really inspiring. We launched our dating site aimed at HIV positive men on October 1st. We have had about 6,000 guys sign up and we are slowly growing. We have just partnered with to do a duel campaign to combat HIV stigma. And other agencies have started contacting us about working together.

We are really inspired by all the personal messages from guys who have previously felt alone and unwanted and now they feel a part of an online community. At its core it’s an online community for HIV positive men and their allies to connect and date but it’s also going to be a really amazing tool for providing resources and information.

We are also in the process of making the NEWS and HEALTH portion of the blog viewable to non-members so we can provide more great resources and personal profiles and stories of men living with HIV. We now have 3 psychologists and one HIV physician contributing advice and lots of members who are interested in sharing their experiences coming out as HIV positive and navigating the dating scene. Best of all its free!

EM: Other than being hot, what about a man turns you on or makes you want to get his attention?
JM: Muscles, good tattoos, an interesting career, intelligence, passion for something and I tend to like tall guys. I’m 6 foot. So, usually taller than me.

EM: Do you have any beauty secrets you want to share?
JM: My favorite tip for men is to darken your eyelashes and eyebrows with “Just For Men” facial hair dye. I do it once a week.

EM: What is your favorite piece of clothing to wear? Whose designs do you most admire?
JM: I’m an anti-fashion designer. HAHA!! I rarely spend money on expensive clothes. I can usually be found in jeans and a tee-shirt. My favorite tee’s are by Rex Tegelaar for Cali Good Life, available at I do have an amazing leather down-filled parka by Ralph Lauren Purple Label that I love, but it was a gift.

As far as designers I admire, I miss McQueen. He was legendary. I love Vivienne Westwood Red Label and I really admire what Christopher Bailey has done for Burberry.

EM: What fashion trend do you think gay men have hung on to, for way too long?
JM: Embellished jeans. Throw those True Religion jeans away. In general, anything with studs or rhinestones on it is OVER. You are not Lady Gaga. When in doubt–LEVI’S. I’m a denim purist.

And PLEASE stop shaving your pubes. It’s not a “fashion trend” per say, but I cringe every time I see it. (In photos of course)

EM: What is it that you love most about living in New York City?
JM: I just love the pace of the city. The no bullshit attitudes and the lack of need to impress people. I think New Yorkers are a special breed and are so busy all the time that they barely give a shit what everyone else is doing. I love that. I think the less you are concerned about what other people think–the better off you will be.

And I’m obsessed with people watching on the subway. It’s one of the few places where a woman in an evening gown will be sitting right next to a homeless man and not bat a false eyelash.

Here is a look behind the scenes at our photo shoot with Monsieur Butterfly.

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