If You Love It, Put An iRing On It

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In honor of the really “big” tech announcements from Apple Inc. (September 9) and more importantly the first day of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week (September 10 – 17), we have a new discovery for you! We probably love it for all the wrong reasons, like because it’s pretty, but it actually makes a lot of practical sense and is very convenient. It’s the iRing!

The iRing works as a safety grip for distracted people, serves as a kick stand for alarm clock mode or video viewing, and makes for a sleek and universal dash mount (when used with included iHook). We ran around the “world” with the iRing stuck on the backs of our iPhones – through airports and theme parks in Florida, into StarMakers Costumes for really, really last minute “Marie Antoinette” attire for a party that same night, all over DTLA getting chummy with bar patrons and bartenders – and the iRing survived it all.

On one occasion the animated storytelling of one of our editors sent one test phone straight to the polished concrete floors. Everyone survived that, too.

While holding our phones most people mistook the iRing for a piece of modern jewelry, and when we revealed its true nature there wasn’t one person who wasn’t fascinated. iRing fastens to the back of any smartphone or tablet with the help of a super advanced double-sided adhesive that holds up to 15 lbs. Don’t worry if you mess up and mount it on crooked, they’ve thought of that and provided instructions for a skilled removal and reapplication.

The only draw back is that the iRing hangs on the iHook dash mount rather than snapping on, so keeping larger phones in the horizontal video viewing position is fifty-fifty, but we probably shouldn’t be watching Beyoncé videos while driving anyway.

The iRing comes in seven colors; gold, gray, black, silver, white, pink and mint to match your device. A “Pride” rainbow version is also available. Retail $19.95. www.iringusa.com/ecommerce.

Happy NYFW 2015!

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Written By Arlene Spiro

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