Lost That Lovin’ Feeling For Your Phone? iThigh Is Here

We have a love-hate relationship with our phones but mostly we can’t imagine our lives without one.  But we were fed up.  Fed up with leaving our phone in a bathroom stall, under a car seat or at the table.  No more fumbling to hold a drink or struggling with a too small clutch because…”

That statement really does apply for nearly anyone living in Los Angeles. One has to be a graduate of the Cirque du Soliel Academy to get through a charity gala unscathed while juggling a handbag, martinis, hors d’oeuvres and a cellphone with just two hands. So in honor of the closing of Paris Fashion Week and the opening of Los Angeles Fashion Week, we have the answer to all of your accessory juggling problems… iThigh.

As people want technology to enhance and simplify their lives, but worry that it is actually consuming their lives and god forbid destroying their style, the idea of fashion meets tech idea is gaining a lot of momentum. And, what we discovered was that the iThigh works well at keeping your phone in place and out of sight, but easily accessible when needed in nearly any environment. The inner lining is constructed with two non-slip gelatin-like strips to keep your phone from sliding, and a secret pouch has been built in to hold a decent stack of credit cards and business cards, pack of gum, valet ticket, lipstick or cash. Well okay, never mind, who still carries cash?

Anyway, another simplifying aspect of iThigh is that it is no longer a great tragedy if you didn’t have time to switch purses or can’t find the perfect clutch or evening bag to go with your elegant attire. However, a word to the wise, we suggest muting the sounds and disabling any associated light-up functions on your phone to avoid awkward stares and explanations.

iThigh comes in 10 colors; all the classic basics like Midnight Black, Candy Apple Red, Soft Nude and Deep Purple and several limited edition fun shades. The range of sizes makes iThigh a practical solution for almost any hem length. Retail $25. www.theithigh.com.

LAFW’s kick-off event at Union Station on October 7th features a performance by the Anaheim City Ballet and the debut of Australian designer Betty Tran’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. LAFW runs October 7 -11, depending on who you ask. For more information, visit www.LAFW.net.

Happy LAFW 2015!

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Written by Arlene Spiro. Some images & videos courtesy of TheiThigh.com.

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