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We are all about being pretty, having pretty things, looking at pretty people and making the world a prettier place. It’s what we call “living life with opulence and purpose.” Just because you enjoy looking good doesn’t mean you can’t be good and do good.

In fact, a well nurtured symbiosis between vanity and philanthropy can be quite productive. Take for instance, Fay Doe, owner of Santa Barbara’s ever avant-garde Underground Hair Artists salon. Her passion for beauty, creativity and philanthropy resulted in the launch of the Underground Culture hair care line and its “Hair Doing Good Campaign.”

Fay designed her brand to target not only the beauty industry, but to support the arts and music community as well. Often referred to as “The Social Good Hair Company,” Underground Culture donates $1 of each product sold to charities that are designed to enhance life for the youth of today by fostering participation in music, art and performance, and encouraging creativity.

Underground Culture products are just as environmentally and socially responsible as they are wonderful and luxurious. And, the obvious references to our beloved Hollywood don’t hurt either. Here’s the list of the Stuff We Love from the product line:

A-List Shampoo – Think of this the Argan Oil based cleanser as the Joe Manganiello of hair products, it is ideal for everyone. It smells good, it feels good and it makes you look good, all without eliciting the wrath of Sofia Vergara.

The Playwright – This high hold molding paste is perfect for unruly hair that needs be put in its place. It’s best to work it into damp hair, but if you do apply it to dry hair be ready for a commitment and work quickly. Also, it smells like the 80’s grape flavor of Bubblicious Bubble Gum, so obviously we’re in love!

The Editor – Here is a medium hold paste that can make any kind of hair look sleek or messy; Jekyll or Hyde, if you will. Just paste, copy, highlight, delete, undo or redo as you like. Your style will only get better as it evolves throughout the day.

The Performer – Use the creamy moisturizing gel for smooth shiny locks without an oily, heavy or crunchy feel. Perfect for anyone who objects to the idea of product in their hair, but still wants to look good. We call that “being high maintenance about not being high maintenance.”

The Boys & Girls Clubs, Notes For Notes, New Noise Santa Barbara and the Fender Music Foundation are just some of the many community service organizations that Fay supports through Underground Culture. For more information on the “Hair Doing Good Campaign” or to snag some socially conscious beauty products, visit

Don’t hate us because we’re pretty, passionate & productive.

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