Not Just A Pretty Face: Summer’s Stuff

Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop Oversized 100 Series Watch

Summer 2013 will be remembered as the season of change and contrast. For this summer’s Stuff We Love, we have a selection that is not only pleasing to the senses, but also gives a surprising new perspective to some everyday items and experiences.

Here at Effie Magazine we enjoy pretty stuff. Like a lot. Probably more than our fair share, and we know our readers do, too. Be it wine, watches, parties, pools, décor and men in music videos, etc. And while acquiring and enjoying pretty stuff is great, we feel that if something can also serve a purpose in addition to being pretty, then that is wonderful.

Even mainstream music has been focusing on widening perspectives related to marriage equality. It all started with the hit “Same Love,” and has continued with the self funded YouTube hit “All American Boy.”

Wine makers have also come out in support and celebration for marriage equality, by creating specialized blends and vintages or participating in gay pride celebrations.

Even a progressive cellular provider commits part of its purpose to the issues of marriage equality, global warming, social justice and income equality. Fashion giant Michael Kors, along with celebrities like Halle Berry, launched a new strategy in the fight against world hunger with the Watch Hunger Stop campaign.

The summer experience is defined by relaxation and entertainment experiences, which are greatly enhanced by personal and environmental fashions. So simply for the sake of aesthetics and continued enjoyment we’ve included selections that embrace casual elegance; from a simple beach club redesign to revamped lounge wear that give a summer splash to your happy place activities.

We know our readers are responsible and “healthy people who still like to have a good time,” so do you best to stay hydrated and relaxed while you celebrate and enjoy all the progress and pretty summer stuff!

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