The Art of Mark Dean Veca Flies onto Fashion

Mark Dean Veca

If you’re going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that.
You will be alone with the gods and the nights will flame with fire.
“Roll the Dice” by Charles Bukowski.

Last Fall we published our interview with Mark Dean Veca, “Mastering The EVERLAST-ing Art Of Mark Dean Veca.” We learned that his art and family life enjoy a symbiotic existence; from large-scale installations in museums and galleries to his kitchen floor. And, we became thoroughly convinced that Veca really does “go all the way” (as Bukowski puts it) when it comes to his art.

However, we recently learned that his artwork has flown from floors, walls and canvases right onto people’s backs and legs, literally. With the help of Rare Community + Storefront, Veca’s rare and unique creations now exist on t-shirts, laptop sleeves, leggings, cell phone cases and backpacks as wearable works of art, bringing a whole new meaning to the idea that fashion is art. Now that is going all the way.

The cost of these items is significantly less than an original Mark Dean Veca, and makes his work infinitely more accessible to a larger audience, especially children. Items like leggings and backpacks are obvious fashion staples for children, and now parents can clad their young ones pieces that have a deeper artistic and cultural meaning. The Visceral II leggings and Tony the Tiger backpack are especially big hits with the under 18 set.

“Rare is an e-commerce platform powered by Skyou on-demand technology. We are the brand incubator, helping artists grow and share their art with the world via the highest quality cut and sewn products,” said Rare’s CEO and Founder, Brennan Mulligan. Through a highly advanced program, chosen artists virtually layer their artwork on a pre-designed virtual garment or accessory that is then produced as ordered. “Our storefront solution allows artists to upload artwork, design products, and sell their creations with zero up-front fees. Welcome to the new world of e-commerce; no inventory, great art, retail quality products,” Mulligan said.

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Written By Nicholas Andreas

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