Sweets For Your Suite

It’s all about employers and businesses that make boring, stressful or mundane environments comforting and even happy places with food and candy. A simple gesture that says “I care” or “I know this sucks” or “it is going to be okay” and “thank you for all that you do.” It has been the practice of pediatricians and grandmothers for many years, but for the sake of efficiency and the bottom-line it is less and less the standard in other business environments.

One of the most gut wrenching environments for adults is the accountant’s office, especially for Pasadena Realtor, Hilda Hernandez. “Taxes make me physically sick, shaky and nervous,” she said. “I always struggle getting myself to that office and the only reason I make myself go is because it must be done,” she said.

Robert Hall & Associates, the firm where Hernandez has her taxes prepared, strategically places crystal dishes full of M&M’s, candy bars, lollipops, etc. in the waiting area, on the receptionist desk and on the desks of the accountants. Within a tax preparation session an unengaged assistant goes from office to office refilling the candy dishes that have suddenly, but not coincidentally become empty.

A “Variety” of Sweets and Swag

Other businesses are also employing sugary treats to motivate sales people, build comradery and cheer up office meetings that would normally be dull or depressing. At an office meeting, Prudential California Realty-Beverly Hills Manager, Nicholas Cacarnakis had New York Snow brought in for his agents and staff. A representative from Variety magazine brought cookies and brownies. “I guess today is all about sugar,” Cacarnakis said at the top of his meeting before moving on to more pressing real estate matters.

New York Snow: Chocolate vs. Strawberry

New York Snow is a blend of shaved ice and ice cream. It is visually fascinating, from the curious machine that does the shaving to the ruffled shavings themselves that come in a variety of Easter egg colors. “We do grand openings, office luncheons in law firms” said New York Snow co-owner, Carol Juju, “and open houses. We’ve done it all.”

The attendees of the meeting crowded into a conference room, joked with one another and cut in front of each to get there snowy sugar fix. Several people, like Mark Medina of California Title even lined up for seconds. “Pretty damn good,” he said. “It reminded me of my mom with the condensed milk [drizzle].”

Tempting the inner child sweet-tooth in people doesn’t always work. The combination of candy and taxes doesn’t make Hernandez’s experience any sweeter, unfortunately, she said “although I do eat quite a bit of it when I’m there.” Hernandez has been a client at Robert Hall & Associates for many years, “every time I go in there I literally cry or I want to cry,” she said.

Sugary comfort may not be enough to fight off the tears in the accountant’s office anymore than it is at the pediatrician’s office. However, the bedside manner of a business or employer who at least makes the attempt to offer sweets might do the trick. “I prefer to have someone be understanding and calmly explain to me that it is not the end of the world and that we will get through it,” Hernandez said, “and then get the job done!”


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