#5: My “Under The Tuscan Sun” Moment

Viaggio Di Vanessa #5

Yay! Right now, I’m in the heart of Tuscany! Now, I understand the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun,” starring Diane Lane.

It’s beautiful,here! So beautiful, I forgot all about my busy life back in the U.S.! Total amnesia, as I looked out over the countryside and pictured myself living here. My dear friends, Effie and Nick, I love you, but you may have to come to Siena and drag me back home.

What is it about being 40 — oops, I mean 42 — that makes you want a simpler life? I could be a maid, an English-speaking tour guide, a goat herder or anything to live in this glorious countryside that has not change much since the 1600’s.

This is Carbs heaven! And, no one is fat here. People just eat! F@#%! the B.S.! Carbs are king in Italy. And now, I could not imagine sitting down to a meal and not eating Carbs. And, I feel fantastic!!!

I will say that I have seen some pretty bad to really bad haircuts in Italy. So, as a hairstylist, I feel that the humanitarian thing to do, would be to move to Tuscany, you know, just to help out. I’d be like FEMA, only in Italy, for hair… It’s my moral duty, dammit!

Right now, I’m drinking beer in the back right corner of a restaurant, next to the cook who is making pizza. I can feel the heat from the stone oven and it’s pretty f@#%!ing amazing!!! And, this is just lunch!

I may not have gotten lucky, yet, but I’m having an affair with Carbs and wine and beer. And, it’s excellent! Ciao.

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