#6: Keeping Up With La Famiglia Medici

Viaggio Di Vanessa #6

Two places you have to see in Florence, the Uffizi and Accademi. These museums house the wealth of the Medici, the most powerful family during the Renaissance era. The Medici were the bankers of most of the Italian city states and Europe. And, they were as lavish and crazy as the Kardashians, but with 100 times more money.

This was the academy for music and art education. Now it’s used to house some of the Renaissance’s most famous work. Michelangelo’s David is housed here. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is when you walk in, turn the corner and see this 17 ft marble work of art. Well, Mr. Michelangelo you outdid yourself! I see why during the making of David you kept him a secret from the public and the Medici.

So, I know this sounds childish, but I was really surprised how large David baby makers looked up close! C’mon, you would have looked just like me! When you see David in pictures it does not look that impressive, but up close it’s big! You can even see the veins in his hands!

I never knew he had this detail in his eyes, too. He’s kind of looking to the side like “What?! What?! C’mon bitch. You want to f*#$! with me?” I was so impressed. If I was Goliath, I would have just walked away!!! I was told that David’s eyes are said to be looking in the direction of Rome. So, I guess David was telling the Romans, “Don’t f*#$! with Florence!”

The Uffizi:
This building housed the offices for the family business, but the Medici has so much money and power, so they built this grand office. They wanted everyone to know how much money they had, and thousands of years later you still can see how wealthy they were!!! The Uffizi now houses the works of famous artists that the family had commissioned at that time; Da Vinci, Michalengo and Botticelli.

Every detail, every inch covered in gold or marble, because you know that one cannot have just a regular ceiling! Not if you are the Famiglia Medici! Ma vaaaaaaaaaaa! Sometimes their wealth was too much, even for them. They could have saved some for me as a gift for my upcoming birthday, but cosi e’ la vita!

Botticellis “The birth of Venus” and “Primavera,” (also know as “The Allegory of Spring”) were the two paintings I really wanted to see at the Uffizi. Most of the paintings during Botticelli’s time are all of the “Madonna and child.” Botticelli’s “Spring” has always been one of my favorites, so to see it up close was a real treat.

Both of those painting are so much better than I imagined! It’s a damn shame that they don’t fit in my purse!

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