#3: And, The Ugly Tears Started Flowing!

Viaggio Di Vanessa #3

I have a blister on my foot and it’s killing me! But, I’m in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so I’m just going to suck up the pain and live with it.

Oh Florence, you still are beautiful. My hotel is right in the middle of everything.

I was last here in July of 1997 with my friend Ilona. We were hung over and very tired, and found this cafe in Piazza della Signoria. We sat, ate, talked and laughed for hours. I have never forgotten that day. Coming back to Florence seventeen years later (has it really been that long?), I knew I wanted to find that same cafe again.

I found it! I walked in and the ugly tears started flowing. I was so happy I had come back. The girls working behind the food counter simply stared at me. I handed one of them the picture (see below), I told her that it was taken in July of 1997.

She was speechless. Then she asked if I remembered her. She had worked in the cafe at that time. I laughed because I did not remember her. We both laughed and she even cried a little too. I had the sausage and mushroom pizza while I was there, it was very good.

Okay, I’m tired now! I did a lot today. I’m going to go eat, now.

Until, next time! Ciao!

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