#2: No, I’m not lying!

Viaggio Di Vanessa #2

Hello! Milan, Italy! The fashion capital of the world!
I’m here to tell you the damn truth. It’s ugly and there is not much to do either, unless you’re a supermodel. You can see all the sights in one day. 

The main sights of Milan are the Duomo di Milan, which is the largest cathedral in Italy and Vittorio Emanuel, a beautiful open air shopping area. Both are next to each other. Easy! Done!

I did have tickets to see Leonardo da Vinci ‘s The Last Supper, at the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie! If you are coming to Milan and want to see it, you have to buy your tickets months in advance. Of course, my plane landed late, so I was unable to see it.

And, that’s Milan. You could do a lot of high-end shopping, but save your time and money for Florence and Rome. Those two cities are where the fun starts.

If you plan on staying for more than one day, I suggest you take advantage of seeing Lake Como, its 1 1/2 hour trip by train.

One of my highlights of Milan is Aperitivo. No, I’m not lying! Even in the “Lonely Planet” travel guide, Aperitivo is listed fourth in the top ten things to do in Milan.

Aperitivo is like American happy hour, but different. The drinks are not discounted, but the bar has a large buffet of food to eat when you order one drink. So you go to a bar, have a drink and eat as much as you want! It’s amazing!!!

If you are going to Italy on budget this is the deal. The great thing about Aperitivo is it’s available in all major cities.

Oh I forgot, watch out when you go out to eat or have coffee at a cafe. Sometimes they charge a sit-down fee. It can range from € .50-1 Euro. The Italians will find a way to make extra €€ when you are a tourist. So, just look for places without a service fee.

So kids, Milan sucks. But, tomorrow, I’m off to Florence via train. I know that will be lots of fun! Ciao!

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