#1: So, I Shaved My Legs!

Viaggio Di Vanessa #1

My name is Vanessa Forrest-Bastian. The first time I ever flew, I was six years old. The flight was LAX to SFO on Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA). I was so excited. I was able to sit in the cock pit and talk to the captain. I was given a nifty certificate congratulating me on my first flight and a sticker of a PSA airplane. I thought that was special, until today!

A few days ago, I met with friends for a quick cocktail at the Raymond. I had been rushing from work to finish some errands before my big Italian voyage, so my excitement was apparent. I was gushing about my Viaggio Di Vanessa and how I would have called the trip off, except that one day a dear friend and client surprised me with a first class ticket to Italy!

Immediately, my friends demanded to know what I was planning to wear on the flight. Our views on first class attire were totally opposite; I wanted casual comfort, they demanded jet setter chic, because “you never know who you’ll meet in first class.”

They also demanded that I shave my legs, because again “you never know who you’ll meet in first class!” So, I shaved my legs!

Today for the first time ever, I flew first class and let me tell you, I don’t know how I will ever go back to coach. The only thing I knew about first class was that the seats are larger. Previously, when I would walk by the first class section on my way to the “way way back coach” area to take my seat, first class always looked so comfortable. And, I was right, it is! The differences are not subtle either. No there is a big difference, and airlines are not shy to let you know that because you’re sitting in first class, you have their full attention.

A huge plus is if your lucky to fly first class you may also have access to the Admirals Club. This is a place where you are removed from the cattle of the coach section and lead into a mystical enclave of first class layover delight. Complimentary drinks, snacks and my personal favorite, showers. Yes I did say showers!

Taking a shower in an airport VIP lounge is everything you thought it would be. The 20 minute time restriction sucked, though. Because I just knew I was going to take a two hour shower. The body wash was from Dermalogica “sea something.” One does want to be refreshed before a 9 hour international flight.

Now I have not flown international yet, I’m sitting here in the Miami airport waiting for my flight to Italy, but the domestic first class was awesome. I can’t wait to see what international has to offer!

More to come, Viaggio Sicuro!

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