Wishner’s Walls: “Art of the City Wall” Opening Reception

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Visual ideas in my creative framing allow for personal interpretation without the necessity of engaging the actual contributors. Viewers will need to “decode” the visual message of each picture using their imaginative skills.
— Bill Wishner

   The Curatorial Assistance Gallery in Old Pasadena held an opening reception for “Art of the City Wall: Mixed Message,” a photography exhibit featuring the work of photographer and Clinical Professor (USC Keck School of Medicine), Bill Wishner, on January 28th.
THE REVELERS   Guests included Ann and John Moore, Maria Johnson Velasquez, Ryan Dietz, Daniel Calderon, Milton Dellossier, Armen Sarkissian, Rebecca and Nick Haussling, Jennifer Berger, Kim Hutchings, Jerome French and Nick Cacarnakis.
THE RECAP   The reception hosted a variety Pasadena art lovers who sipped wine while contemplating the more than 20 prints of the exhibit. The content of the photographs is new for Wishner who spent most of his 20 years behind the lens focusing on Jazz; by using his photography as a means to illustrate the aesthetics of the urban wall, Wishner highlights the diversity of the urban environment in various cities around the globe. Popular pieces included “Hell Awaits” (London, 2014), “Code” (London, 2014), “Red Figure” (New York, 2014) and “Lion” (New York, 2014). The exhibition will have photographs for sale with a portion of proceeds benefiting Altadena-based child and family services organization Five Acres: www.5Acres.org.

“Art of the City Wall: Mixed Message” is curated by Bill Wishner and gallery director, Sam Mellon. The exhibit is on view through March 6, 2016 at Curatorial Assistance Gallery. For more information, visit www.curatorial.com/contact-us.

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Written By Arlene Spiro

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