Clipper’s Owner Banned and Fined by NBA Commision

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Clippers owner, Donald Sterling banned for life by NBA commissioner, Adam Silver and hit with $2.5 million fine, the Associated Press is reporting. Silver said he had no doubt in his mind that he had the full support of other NBA team owners to force Sterling to sell off his ownership of the Clippers, thereby removing him from the NBA.

“I fully expect to get the support I need from the other NBA owners to remove him,” Silver said.

Silver’s decision came just a few days after TMZ released a recording of Sterling making racist comments. Silver said, the commission found that it was Sterling’s voice on the recording and that Sterling acknowledged that it was his voice on the recording.

“We stand together in condemning Mr. Sterling’s views,” Silver said. “They simply have no place in the NBA.”

The ban prohibits Sterling from any NBA games, practices, being physically present at “any Clippers office or facility, participating in any business or player personnel decisions involving the team, or being part of any league business,” according to the Associated Press.

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Sterling NBA decision

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