Da Vinci resurrects in 3D tonight in Beverly Hills

Leonardo da Vinci's Horse and Rider

A bronze cast from a mold of Leonardo da Vinci’s beeswax statue dating back over 500 years will be revealed at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills today, Aug. 27 at 5 p.m.

“Horse and Rider,” is owned by Richard A. Lewis, a former engineer and Real Estate broker. He enlisted the help of retired Art Broker, Rod Maly for the worldwide debut in Los Angeles at a private cocktail reception at the mansion. It is the first of several stops that will include Las Vegas, New York, and London.

“I get goose bumps every time I think about it,” Maly told KTLA of the significance the piece will have for the art world. “It is the only three dimensional piece that’s been authenticated to be directly from the hands of Leonardo da Vinci, that man knows today.”

The beeswax statue was authenticated by Carlo Pedretti, a professor emeritus of art history and Armand Hammer Chair in Leonardo Studies at UCLA, in 1985. He wrote, “In my opinion, this wax model is by Leonardo himself,” and named the rare sculpture “Horse and Rider.” Based on the authentication and the rarity of the sculpture a mold was made to preserve it.

Lewis kept the mold in his private collection for over 25 years, but has now decided to share it with the world to raise money for those in need by casting it in bronze. Reproductions of the bronze sculpture will be available in limited edition and Lewis will donate $1 million to The Salvation Army based on sales of the edition.

Tonight’s unveiling Maly said, will be like “what would be referred to in the art world as ‘Partying like Rock-stars.'”

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