We Have a Winner of the EFFIE Magazine Los Feliz Street Fair Raffle!

Effie Magazine Booth at the 19th Annual Los Feliz Village Street Fair

How was the winner chosen you ask? Well we employed the talent, skill and precision of 8-year-old, Nico and a 12-year-old, Katarina (they are the children of our editor-in-chief). The two children were present at the street fair and were adamant that they be the ones who chose the winner.

Nico and Katarina devised a fool proof, unbiased system by which to make the official selection. There were a total of 56 entries, so the children made 56 small slips of paper each numbered to correspond with a name on the entry log. They put all the slips into the Waterford bowl on their father’s dining table and decided that they would remove one slip at a time until there was only one left, the winner. In a very official manner, each time they pulled a slip out they crossed out the corresponding number from the entry log and said “Aaaaaaaw, sorry ‘Jane Doe’. Next!”

They continued in this fashion, bouncing, giggling and panicking until there was only one slip left, number 12! There was more bouncing and giggling, followed by a brief moment of sadness for the other entries and then more bouncing and giggling. Thankfully the bouncing didn’t knock the Waterford bowl to the ground!

Congratulations to the Winner of our Raffle Number 12, Evie Cheung!!!

Effie Magazine Raffle Make-up Basket

Effie Magazine Raffle Make-up Basket

We’d like to thank all of you who stopped by our booth at the 19th Annual Los Feliz Village Street Fair! We look forward to seeing you at one of our future events and hope you’ll visit EffieMagazine.com for Lifestyle, News and Philanthropy reports and profiles.

The EFFIE Magazine Staff.


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