A Cornucopia Of Seasonal Indulgence

Like most Angelenos, we’ve been living in a subconscious fantasy of our own creation (well, we’ve had some help from global warming), unfortunately, Summer is no longer with us. Our seasonal delusion will come to wreak havoc on our most prominent of organs – our skin — if we don’t’ snap out of it.

The cornucopia, aka the horn of plenty, represents abundance and nourishment. Well, we have a cornucopia of skin care to keep you radiant and rosy. Babytime by Episencial is always looking out for babes of all ages with their formulations of natural, organic and plant-based ingredients. They feel good, they smell good, and best of all they make you look good.

The Playful Wash keeps you clean from head to toes, from roots to tips, all without leaving you itchy all over. Plus, the delicious and moisturizing tangerine oil plays into our contradictory fascination with all things citrus during the Fall and Winter months.

Moisturizing prevents dry skin and wrinkles, so stop scowling at the idea of using face and body cream. Don’t be such a baby! Number one, you shouldn’t be scowling. Number two, seriously, stop scowling! We don’t want to hear all the complaining when later those lines don’t go away and you decide that your children are to blame. The Soothing Cream is non-greasy, feels yummy and can be used all over, so maybe if you feel yummy all over then maybe you won’t have any need  to scowl.

Yes, we are a bit cheeky. Scaly lips and cheeks are not very pretty at anytime of year, but much less so as we settle into a season of sensory indulgence. If you have an area that seems a bit suspect, be bold and get ahead of the problem by gently scrubbing away the flaky skin and smacking your cheeks and lips Cheeky Salve. Remember, keeping those kissable and smackable areas soft is as essential for babes as it is for babies.

Best of all, this cornucopia comes with an amazing promotion for EffieMagazine.com readers! From now through December 31, 2014, get 20% off all online orders with promo code: WINTERMAGIC. So, welcome the seasonal changes, nourish your body and indulge in all your abundance.

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