Carvery Kitchen Caters to Foodies, Meat-lovers & Healthy Belly Types

It’s easy to recognize that the Carvery Kitchen is a hit. The place is packed and buzzing, and the staff is working as hurriedly as they can to satisfy the lunch crowd. This is where foodies and the ingredient conscious come to enjoy healthy meals of beef, pork, poultry, fish or veggies transformed by decadent sauces or invigorating vinaigrettes. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner time, Carvery’s menu options will satisfy the demands of your trainer as much as the desires of your appetite.

Deli meats are notorious for being pumped full of chemicals, hormones and preservatives, but Chef Roman Shashilovsky has created deli favorites without all the negatives – and keeps all the positives – the delicious taste. Taste and quality are of equal and prime importance here, and the foods you order will always be fresh, antibiotic-free, GMO-free and gluten-free.

Whether you’re in the mood for a giant sandwich served on ciabatta or any of the power wraps or perhaps one of the savory salads, there’s simply no shortage of flavor or variety. A favorite is the Carvery Puebla BBQ Brisket, a 24 hour-roasted beef delicacy made perfect with jalapeno, Oaxaca string cheese, onion jam, sun-dried tomatoes and a spicy bbq chili sauce among other wonderfully fresh ingredients.  Then there’s the Spicy Turkey Melt, a light and healthy wrap packed with lots of flavor thanks to onion jam, caramelized peppers, Bloody Mary salsa, five-cheese Italian medley and chipotle-honey mustard.

For all you healthy belly vegetarians, a global menu has been created just for you! The variety of dishes use farm-fresh local produce to deliver satisfaction and nourishment, as well as salmon, several pestos, cheeses, black beans, brussels sprouts, beets, super grains and a brilliantly conceived house-made succotash with edamame instead of lima beans.

The owners are not so much restauranteurs as much as they are “culinary crusaders.” They eat, drink, sleep food. But, they aren’t selfish with the knowledge of their secret formula for curing meats that makes them so pleasing to the tongue, they will gladly share it with anyone who asks.

“Our meats are so deliciously done, our competitors have become our customers,” Shashilovsky said. “We cook every single item on our menu daily from scratch. No matter whether the customer is a meat/fish lover or a devout vegetarian, everyone will find something nutritious and delicious on our menu.”

Carvery Kitchen – 3101 Ocean Park Boulevard, #105, Santa Monica, CA  90405.
Open Daily from 10 AM – 8:30 PM.

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