Shake Up His Day & Make It Grand (Teton Vodka)

In the early 1800s, our shapely mountains reminded French trappers of a woman’s anatomy. They called them “Les Trois Tetons” French slang for…
The highest peak is the Grand Teton. Our distillery sits in the shadow of
the Tetons surrounded by thousands of acres of famous Idaho potatoes.
— Grand Teton Distillery

Perhaps by a stoke of luck or through brilliantly calendared manipulation, Father’s Day 2016 and Martini Day 2016 will occur on the same day!!! So this June 19th, we know exactly what you need… Dirty Martinis, of course!

Whether he is of the Martini shaking James Bond variety, more of a Bloody Mary concocting brunch baron or just a good ol’ fashioned Low Ball lovin’ party boy, you’ll need a vodka that is as smooth as it is swift. Grand Teton Vodka is here to help you toast to the daddy of your life!

The snow-melt that provides an abundance of pristine mountain water used in proofing Grand Teton Distillery spirits, along with the use of artisan distilling methods results in a graceful and gentlemanly vodka that would make 007 proud. In fact, the vodka is so smooth some consider it to be the “#1 potato vodka in the world” and recommend enjoying it neat.

“Our favorite way to enjoy Grand Teton Vodka is over ice with just a twist of lemon or lime,” says Tim Harland, Executive V. P. at Grand Teton Distillery.

But, they don’t judge those who like to mix things up. They will gladly give you their recipes for Moscow Mules and Bloody Marys, etc., so that dad can enjoy his day drinking just the way he likes.

Beyond the spirits and extending to the environment, gentility is the way of world at Grand Teton Distillery. From over 40 grid-tied solar panels to low volatility alcohols called “heads” collected and sold as bio-fuel and residual mash given to local ranchers and farmers for animal feed and fertilizer, the plant produces virtually no waste. And, for all you electric road-trippers, the distillery is an officially recognized Tesla charging station for national travelers.

For more information on how you can get a hold of Grand Teton Vodka for your Father’s Day, and beyond, visit

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