We Are Devoted To Dads

Understanding our fathers may be one of the greatest puzzles of our lives, while being a father may be one of the greatest pursuits of our lives.
Neither of which is easy.

This Father’s Day, join the Pop Luck club for their annual Father’s Day Brunch at The Abbey. The celebratory event welcomes gay dads, their kids and prospective dads, and is followed by a Children’s Concert & Festival in the West Hollywood Park, cosponsored by The City of West Hollywood and RaiseAChildUS.

Let’s remember that dads have lives of their own outside of being a parent. In the documentary, “Remembering The Artist,” actor Robert De Niro rediscovers the life, the art and the struggles of his gay father. The film premiered in January at Sundance, and an exhibit of Robert De Niro Sr.’s works opened at the DC Moore Gallery on June 6th. The film airs on Father’s Day – Sunday, June 15th, on HBO.

“Art movements are powerful. So powerful, they can obscure great artists that don’t fit the genre. The artist’s only hope is to be ‘rediscovered’ after death. Such was the case for one painter whose work was returned to the spotlight by the man who knew him best, one of the world’s most famous actors, who also happened to be the artist’s son.” –Remembering The Artist.

Let’s not wait until our father’s are gone or our children are far to rediscover them. Here’s to just enjoying our dads, celebrating the devotion of the dads in our lives, and indulging our little loves, while we still can.

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