Winter Wonderland Wishes aka Sparkly Shiny Stuff

Winter 2013/2014 should be a time to reflect very solemnly and with all seriousness on what we should leave behind in the past and pick up in the future. The only problem is we aren’t really good at that! We can’t even say that second sentence of this paragraph out loud without laughing!

Actually, we really do embrace the whole clean out all the junk, broken stuff and now tacky fashions. Yes, just like those jeans we all still have hiding in the closet because they were sooo in, but are sooo out that we don’t dare wear them and can’t bare to get rid of them. But, if something is a classic, keep it! Have the tailor take out those damn shoulder pads, guys. Or raise that hemline on the pencil skirt to just above the knee, ladies.

Just be sure you have an accurate understanding of what makes a classic. Like the vintage designer ties from Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, etc. given new life by Anthony Guthmiller Designs. Even vintage earrings are reborn as cuff links for the men’s accessories collection.

We all love pretty things, as you know, and having ordinary things that are pretty makes life so much more fun! (We were going to write that sentence as ‘having ordinary things that are pretty makes them less ordinary and then life is more pretty and less ordinary,’ but our editor is moody and made us take it out). We see it as living life through champagne filled glasses from Tiffany & Co.

We actually tested a few champagne filled glasses of Veuve and Chandon, just to make sure they were yummy. Then we thought it would be in the best interest of our readers, if we gave them some options for celebratory holiday beverages, so we tested some red wines, too; like Josh and Monopole. They’re wines, not boys. Beehave!

Or, you could BeeFunky or BeeRandom or BeeAdorable with a yummy new lip balm like BeeCause. It will keep your smacker smack-able just in case you totally unintentionally run into those Handsome Coffee boys. Hey, you never know!  Look, if you’re going to be getting coffee anyway and it happens to come from the hands of a pretty, shiny barista boy that’s okay!

The Waterford ornaments, Jason Vorse Floral Sculptures and Belle de Mer Pearls we love, “just beecause” we do! They also make one hell of an amazing holiday basket for charity events, like PFAR’s 22nd Annual Wreath Auction.

So, sparkle up the old and get some new! Or maybe, just get more of the pretty and shiny stuff you already have…

For more information, click on the image of the item you love from this season’s Stuff We Love.


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