Channing Tatum & Vodka, What’s Not To Love?

“Cross my heart and hope for mischief”

And, what sound-minded person wouldn’t love to get into some mischief with Channing Tatum???

Well now, anyone can party and/or relax with Tatum. That is as soon as his new vodka, Born And Bred, hits California store shelves in the coming weeks.

Tatum’s quest to find the best vodka in the U.S. led him to the award-winning Grand Teton Distillery in Driggs, Idaho. The tried and true techniques that result in high quality of vodka produced by this family-owned and operated distillery inspired a great collaboration that is now Born And Bred. The new collaboration is forged with fact and flush with fiction, and that’s just the way Tatum wants it.

“Because in every ‘tall tale’ there’s an ounce of truth. And in the best
gatherings of friends, there’s a healthy cup of Mischief.” — Born & Bred

Tatum plans to promote Born And Bred as a lifestyle brand as much as a spirit, which celebrates what unfolds when camaraderie meets adventure. Therefore, it is priced and packaged for everyday vodka lovers.

Vodka aficionados won’t be disappointed by this domestic label, Grand Teton Distillery vodkas have long rivaled brands like Kettle One and Grey Goose. Twenty-times distilled, the craft vodka is prepared in small batches and nourished by the unspoiled glacial water that flows from the Grand Teton mountains. And, while it is really refreshing in creative cocktails (like a “Spring Sling”), it is glacially smooth enough to serve on the rocks and toast to a job well-done.

For more information, visit or email V.P. of Sales Tim Harland at

Written by Arlene Spiro
Photos courtesy of Grand Teton Distillery

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